Paper Submission

EuroAsiaSPI² 2021 (1.-3.9.2021) will have 10 international thematic workshop streams supported by thematic topic communities. Each thematic stream integrates both, research sessions and industry / applied science sessions. The thematic streams will be a mix of pitch talks provoking discussions, full presentations and panel discussions which will focus on specific topics of interest. EuroSPI Research Papers and Thematic Workshop Papers are grouped into major topics, which can be attended in the form of workshops. Selected workshop papers are published as special chapters in the annual EuroSPI Springer book in the CCIS series. The EuroSPI series has had 486000 chapter downloads in Springer online so far, which makes it one of the most frequently read and referenced series in industry and research. Selected extended papers will be published in the Wiley Journal of Software: Evolution and Process. 

EuroSPI² 2021 and SPRINGER now allow to submit 3 types:
Full paper: ca. 12 to 15 pages, full elaborated case study, research study
Short paper: ca. 6-8 pages, addresses an important case study or research result
Key statement / poster: ca. 4 pages, making a key experience/best practice statement


How to Submit & Guidelines

  1. First register as an Author here. (Conference registration is a separat process.)
  2. Decide if you would like to submit a Research Paper or Thematic Paper, visit the subpages for more information and upload your paper via our system.
  3. Please follow the Springer Verlag authoring guidelines and Upload and Working Guide.
  4. Papers shall reference the SPI Manifesto (find relationships to values and principles or propose new values and principles to be added).
  5. Note: Authors have to sign a copyright form and at least one of the authors has to present the paper at the conference. The paper will be published in printed form and electronically and therefore we need all source files.


If it´s not possible for you to use the upload function, please send the paper per email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Important Dates

08.04.2021 Extended to 28.04.2021 First Thematic Paper Submission
30.04.2021 Extended to 14.05.2021 Review by International Programme Committee and Notification of Acceptance (EuroAsiaSPI² Paper Review Form is used)
01.06.2021 Camera Ready Version of Paper for Book
02.08.2021 Early Registration Deadline (All presenters must register for the conference, otherwise the contribution is deselected)
26.08.2021 Upload of Powerpoint Conference Presentation
30.08.2021 Free Technology Day
01.-03.09.2021 Conference 


EuroAsiaSPI² Wiley Journal Software Evolution and Process Series

WILEY publishes an annual EuroSPI volume with 10 selected experience papers in the Wiley Journal of SW Evolution and Process Series. For the 20th anniversary, in 2013, Wiley has created an entry page for EuroSPI as a library.

Wiley 2020, Wiley 2019, Wiley 2018, Wiley 2016 , Wiley 2015, Wiley 2014, Wiley 2013, Wiley 2012, Wiley 2011, Wiley 2010, Wiley 2009, Wiley 2009 2nd, Wiley 2008, Wiley 2007, Wiley 2006, Wiley 2004

The paper selection this year will take place in October 2020 and extended papers will be submitted by beginning of 2021. Publication is planned by summer 2021.


EuroAsiaSPI² SPRINGER Book Series

SPRINGER publishes a book series with EuroSPI since 2003 and there were more than 365000 (three hundred sixty five thousand) chapter downloads so far. The latest SPRINGER book is available EuroSPI 2020 978-3-030-56441-4.

EuroSPI 2004 LNCS 3281 | EuroSPI 2005 LNCS 3792 | EuroSPI 2006 LNCS 4257 | EuroSPI 2007 978-3-540-75381-0 | EuroSPI 2008 978-3-540-85936-9  | EuroSPI 2009 978-3-642-04133-4 | EuroSPI 2010 978-3-642-15666-3 | EuroSPI 2011 978-3-642-22206-1 | EuroSPI 2012 978-3-642-31199-4 | EuroSPI 2013 978-3-642-39179-8 | EuroSPI 2014 978-3-662-43896-1 | EuroSPI 2015 978-3-319-24647-5 | EuroSPI 2016 978-3-319-44817-6 | EuroSPI 2017 978-3-319-64218-5 | EuroSPI 2018 978-3-319-97925-0 | EuroSPI 2019 978-3030280048 | EuroSPI 2020 978-3-030-56441-4


IET Software Journal in Cooperation with EuroSPI²

IET Software publishes a call for papers about Emerging and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Software Engineering in cooperation with EuroSPI. Paper submission was till 10th March 2021. Papers are being reviewed now.


Journal of Universal Computer Science in Cooperation with EuroSPI²

J.UCS publishes a call for papers about Recent Advances in Cybersecurity and Safety Architectures in Automotive, Medical, and Connected Services  in cooperation with EuroSPI. Paper submission was till 26th October 2020. Papers are currently reviewed and finalized. 


16.10.2020 Paper Submission
29.01.2021 Review of Papers and Distribution of Review Notes
30.04.2021 Refined Paper Submissions (in case of acceptance)
30.06.2021 Final Paper Acceptance Date