Local Information







EuroAsiaSPI 2021 Host Institution

IMC FH Krems

University of Applied Sciences

am Campus, Wing G.1

3500 Krems



EuroAsiaSPI 2021 Location in the Campus

The conference is in the Wing G building G.1

Onsite Camus Plan (Building G.1)

You can download the ONSITE ROOM PLAN (or take the VIRTUAL REALITY BASED ROOM TOUR).

Please download and read the ONSITE COVID19 GUIDELINE and follow the rules onsite.


EuroAsiaSPI 2021 Travel Guide for Social Events

There will be two social events.  On Wednesday the conference will visit a famous wine cellar, learn about wine production and taste, and on Thursday the conference participants are invited in cooperation with the Pro-Heritage project to the Hofburg in Vienna. There will be buses to brig the attendees to the social events and back.


EuroAsiaSPI 2021 Covid Rules (in case needed)

In case (like we already performed at EuroSPI 2020) Covid19 is still an issue, we will install a contingency plan and prepare onsite rules to follow. We hope that until September 2021 Covid19 is no issue any more..


 How to get to the IMC Fachhochschule Krems, Austria

 By shuttle taxi from the Vienna Airport to the EuroSPI 2021 Conference Venue or by shuttle bus:

Krems is approximately 70 km from Vienna airport. Under travel you find guidance information about how to arrange a transfer from Vienna airport to Krems. Vienna airport has a shuttle service center where you can book taxis as a group online. e.g. booking one car for 3 to Krems (one way) is ca. 135 Euro, a share of about 45 Euro per person. This is the most convenient way and can be booked beforehand online and allows also to book already a return ticket. This takes about 1 hour in one direction.